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Stop Military Recruiting in Our Schools

Learn more about your right to say no to releasing information about your child to the military.

Use our downloadable resources to exercise your right to opt out of having your child's name turned over to the military, and spread the word in your child's school.

Next meeting of the Anti-militarism Committee

Anti-militarism meeting schedule
Email us or call
718–624–5921 if you are interested in attending.



Responding to Aggressive Recruiting

Because popular opposition to the war in Iraq has made recruitment more difficult, the military has had to engage in more aggressive techniques, many of which have amounted to violations of law and established policies, as reported by the Government Accounting Office (PDF 880 KB).

Military recruiters have taken to popular subway stations like the Atlantic Ave./Pacific Street as students let out of school on weekday afternoons. We are trying to develop a "rapid response" team to counter such practices, particularly because we have found that when we show up, the military often leave. If you are interested in participating, please email us.

If you see military recruiting going on at a shopping center, or any other location in the community, please call 718-624-5921 or email us.

Have you created anti-recruitment cellular ring-tones, video games, music, comics or the like? We'd like to see it and distribute it. Please email us.