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Demand that the Pentagon Stop Collecting Personal Info on Our Youth

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Demand an Investigation of Privacy Violations by JAMRS

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The Pentagon Is Collecting Young Americans' Personal Information

Are military recruiters still calling and writing you? Even when you told your school to keep the military away? The reason is JAMRS

JAMRS is the Pentagon's secret super database which contains personal information on approximately 30 million young people between the ages of 16–25. JAMRS stands for Joint Advertising Market Research & Studies. This database, which has probably cost over $1 billion to assemble, buys lists of high school and college students from schools, Departments of Motor Vehicles, and marketers. Started in 2002, the database includes names, birth dates, Social Security numbers, email addresses, grade-point averages, ethnicity, and the subjects that students are studying.

JAMRS continues to buy information about young people as well as to target "gate-keepers" like teachers, athletic coaches and other adults deemed to have influence over young people. JAMRS routinely collects information on those who have opted out of school-based recruiting under the No Child Left Behind Act.

Peace groups and privacy advocates have challenged JAMRS and have won some limited victories. Recently, the NYCLU obtained the Pentagon's agreement to accept a standard form to suspend the use of any information pertaining to you, but not to delete your name.

Brooklyn For Peace urges you to:

  • Download, print and sign this form (RTF) to have your name or your child's name removed from JAMRS.
  • Ask Representative John Murtha, the chair of the House Defense Appropriations to eliminate further funding for JAMRS and to delete completely all information in its database. See a sample letter (RTF).
  • Ask New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn to condition all vendor contracts with the City on the vendor's commitment not to supply JAMRS directly or indirectly with information. See a sample letter (RTF).
  • Ask the Office of the Inspector General of the Department of Defense to monitor periodically JAMRS's compliance with the opt-out provisions. See a sample letter (RTF).

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