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Stop Military Recruiting in Our Schools

Learn more about your right to say no to releasing information about your child to the military.

Use our downloadable resources to exercise your right to opt out of having your child's name turned over to the military, and spread the word in your child's school.

Next meeting of the Anti-militarism Committee

Anti-militarism meeting schedule
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Helping Students Find Alternatives to the Military

Some youth join the military to get out of the house and away from their parents. We have developed a brochure which suggests non-military alternatives for seeing the world and having adventures. We are always looking for additional alternatives to the military for youth to consider. If you have any suggestions or ideas, please let us know at

Some youth join the military to get money for college, a benefit strongly pushed by recruiters. This come-on is highly deceptive as many recruits never receive these benefits. More important, there are many scholarship available to go to college without joining the military. The New York City Department of Education has compiled this summary of available scholarships (PDF) with application deadlines. Our friends at Project YANO have compiled a number of college scholarships that are available. Brooklyn For Peace has also developed a brochure to highlight the many non-military opportunities for higher education (PDF). Brooklyn For Peace has also developed a brochure to highlight the many non-military opportunities for higher education (PDF) as well as opportunities to travel and have adventures (PDF).

We have several films available for screening, Military Myths (26 min.), Arlington West, Soldiers Speak Out, All That You Can Be, Sir! No Sir! Please contact us at if you wish to use any of these media for your group.

We welcome the opportunity to give presentations to inform high school students or their families about the problems with the military and to offer alternatives. Please contact us to discuss getting our message out in:

  • Classrooms, including multi-media presentation when possible
  • Job or career fairs about finding careers in social justice work
  • Parent Associations to raise awareness that parents have a right to opt-out of military recruiting
  • Religious institutions or others that have a youth group