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Brooklyn For Peace Media

New Media Section

Welcome to the media section of Brooklyn For Peace. We are expanding our educational arena by adding a new section where we will post links to latest videos both created by Brooklyn For Peace and other videos that we hope will inspire and educate at the same time. We have also included our photo section that is linked to our photo gallery. View the wonderful photographs taken at peace events around Brooklyn.


Check out this Video Library of programs filmed by BFP member Ed Briody.

BFP Forums

Peace and Planet Forum, April 13, 2015
Highlights, Part One
with speakers Marilyn Elie, Founding Member, Indian Point Safe Energy Coalition
Joseph Gerson, Peace and Economic Security Program, American Friends Service Committee

Pathmakers to Peace:

Noam Chomsky
November 15, 2014
Highlights, Part I
Highlights, Part II
Highlights, Part III

Can We Save Our Democracy and History?
Interview with Noam Chomsky by Partha Banerjee before Pathmakers to Peace

Iran, the U.S., and the UN in Search of a Nuclear Deal: January 23, 2014
with Ervand Abrahamian, Professor of Middle East History, CUMY, and Carolyn Eisenberg, Professor of American Foreign Policy, Hofstra University; Co-Founder of Brooklyn For Peace; moderated by David Tykulsker, Vkce-Chair, Brooklyn For Peace: January 23, 2014
Highlights (Part One): (Part Two) check out:Gareth Porter speaking on Manufactured Crisis (Feb. 2014)

Jeremy Scahill on “America’s Covert Wars”: April 28 2012
Part I at the Bro0klyn Peace Fair
Part II at the Brooklyn Peace Fair

Capt. Paul K. Chappell on ‘Why Peace is Possible and How We Can Achieve It’
April 28, 2012
Part I at the Brooklyn Peace Fair
Part II at the Brooklyn Peace Fair
Part III at the Brooklyn Peace Fair

Climate Action
Which Way Forward? Climate Justice or Climate Chaos?
September 5, 2014
Part I
Part II

Extreme Energy and Climate Action: What it means for your dinner
April 28, 2012
Part I and Part II
Climate Action Workshop at the Brooklyn Peace Fair

Arts and Culture
Arts and Activism: BFP Forum on June 13, 2013, with SpiritChild, Karen Malpede, and Megan Trevino
Moderator: Veronica Nunn
Part One: Panel Presentations
Part Two: Q & A

Peace and Economic Justice/Anti-Militarism:
U.S. in the Middle East: Wars, Occupations, US Policy, and the Challenge to the Anti-War Movement
Phyllis Bennis, writer, analyst, activist on Middle East and UN issues, fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies, spoke at a BFP Forum on March 17, 2014.
Part One
Part Two, including Q & A, of her presentation.

What’s Going On In the Middle East? March 31, 2014:
***Part One, Zachary Lockman
***Part Two, Maya Mikdashi

Check out other ‘War No More’ episodes and Brooklyn For Peace videos
On YouTube

Check out this Video Library of programs filmed by BFP member Ed Briody:
Includes these programs and many more:
Norman Finkelstein speaking on his book Old Wine–Broken Bottle” May 5, 2o14 at Book Culture in Manhattan
Full Disclosure: An Honest Commemoration of the American War in Vietnam April 26, 2014 Part One and Part Two
Book Launch and Discussion: The Muslims Are Coming: Islamophobia, Extremism, and the Domestic War on Terror  with author Arum Kundnani at Alwan for the Arts, April 10, 2014
“The Political Mapping of Palestine”: A Talk by Linda Quiquivix at the Center for Palestine Studies, Collumbia University; March 6, 2014
Ali Abunimah speaking at Brooklyn College: The Battle for Justice In Palestine, March 6, 2014
Gareth Porter speaking on Manufactured Crisis: The Untold Story of the Iran Nuclear Scare, Feb 20, 2014
Cornell West speaking on Dorothy Day at MaryHouse, Catholic Worker, November 8, 2013