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New Media Section

Welcome to the media section of Brooklyn For Peace. We are expanding our educational arena by adding a new section where we will post links to latest videos both created by Brooklyn For Peace and other videos that we hope will inspire and educate at the same time. We have also included our photo section that is linked to our photo gallery. View the wonderful photographs taken at peace events around Brooklyn.

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Grand Bargain

Vox Pop was a popular radio program of interviews, quizzes and human interest features, sometimes titled Sidewalk Interviews (1936) and Voice of the People (the name is from the Latin “Vox Populi”, meaning “Voice of the People”). It was heard from the early 1930s to the late 1940s.

As we come down to the wire on the so-called “Fiscal Cliff,” BFP put together our own “Vox Pop” video.

“Vox Pop” video Grand Bargain

Extended discussion and analysis with Benin Ford, BFP member, on the Grand Bargain
Grand Bargain, featuring Benin Ford, pt. 1 (1o min)
Grand Bargain, featuring Benin Ford, pt. 2 (10 min)

Jeremy Scahill on ‘America’s Covert Wars
Part I at the Bro0klyn Peace Fair
Part II at the Brooklyn Peace Fair

Capt. Paul K. Chappell on ‘Why Peace is Possible and How We Can Achieve It’
Part I at the Brooklyn Peace Fair
Part II at the Brooklyn Peace Fair
Part III at the Brooklyn Peace Fair

Climate Action
Extreme Energy and Climate Action: What it means for your dinner: Part I and Part II
Climate Action Workshop at the Brooklyn Peace Fair

Check out other ‘War No More’ episodes and Brooklyn For Peace videos

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