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Arts and Culture Committee

Mission Statement

Our mission is to bring together cultural workers and artists working in all media and performance arts with the focus on contributing to building the peace and justice movement in Brooklyn.

We believe that Art has the power to communicate ideas and concepts in a way that is easily understandable to people, and can open and engage in a complex conversation with the heart. By employing empathetic dialogue, based on the ideals of humanism and nonviolence, art can also empower people to understand and inspire actions.

Our goal is to create a community of artists and a culture of activism in Brooklyn where artists of all types (painters, graphic artists, dancers, dramatists/theater people, musicians, writers/poets and spoken word artists, cultural workers**, educators, etc.) can utilize their talents to help educate and unify the Brooklyn community around peace and justice issues. Our long term goal being to establish centers in Brooklyn, where artists can meet, share, and develop their abilities in the arts and activism.

The objectives of this committee are:

  • To build relationships with progressive artists to develop and perform their work collectively, with and for Brooklyn For Peace and other grassroots organizations;
  • Assist Brooklyn For Peace and other Progressive Brooklyn organizations by bringing an artist's view to the discussions of policy and action developing in Brooklyn For Peace and the broader peace and justice movement in Brooklyn;
  • to expand understanding of the possibilities of using the arts to build the peace movement through reliable education, performances and materials.


A&C values that should be part of all our projects: intersectional, equity, redistribution, feminist / anti-patriarchy, lgbtqx, anti-imperialist, anti-militarist, anti-white supremacist, non-racist, peace, non-violent communication and dialogue.

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**Cultural workers :

Some links to help us understand the term cultural worker.

"Media, education, religion, and the arts all have defining roles in crafting and propagating the cultural stories by which we humans understand our natures and the possibilities open to us. If you are a member of any one of these professions, think of yourself as a modern culture worker." excerp from "Are You A Culture Worker?" David Korten, Yes Magazine

"Culture Work and Empowerment", Peyton McCoy, PhD, The Cultural Work

"Cultural workers or creative individuals? About the inspiration, insecurity and our collective actions", Lidia Varbanova, Lab for


Email: or call 718–624–5921.