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Sign Up for Arts & Culture Committee

Welcome to the Brooklyn for Peace Arts & Culture committee.

This is an exciting time for the Arts & Culture committee, as it launches off into new challenges and endeavors. We look forward to working with you on upcoming events, gatherings, etc.

After we receive your information we will send you an email confirming your sign up and requesting for more detail information. If you are an artistis wishing to sign up to our artist database, please respond with a short bio of 3 to 4 lines for our database.

We understand that many artists are constantly balancing their lives between their passion for artistic creation and that for activism. The conflict of an unpredictable schedule can make it difficult for some artists to commit to steady participation in a peace and justice group.

Our committee is divided into three categories allowing for participation in the capacity you choose.

  • A&C committee members – A&C Committee members are willing to actively participate as well as assist in planning events and working on activities of the committee. They attend the once a monthly meetings and are collectively involved in the progression of the committees short and long term goals.
  • A&C participants – A&C participates are part of a pool of artists that are called upon to utilize their various skill to assist BFP or other progressive Brooklyn organizations. This occurs on a periodic volunteer basis as needed. Your Work! Your Art! Your Time! Whether you are a student on the go or a superhero trying to save the world, becoming a participant can help you find an activist balance for your artistic goals.
  • A&C volunteer - Don't consider yourself and artists, but still want to participate? Well we need your help too! There's a lot that happens behind the scenes of putting together an event or working within the community. There's no long term commitment required, just let us know you have some time and want to volunteer for something.

Please fill out the information below.

We are excited to have you join us!