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Arts and Culture Committee

8th Annual 2012 Peace Fair

The Arts and Culture committee is really excited this year to present our program for the 8th Annual 2012 Peace Fair. This being our first year as a committee, we have planned an unbelievable day of art and culture.

We have musical performances, exhibits, plays and poetry.

Music Performances

Dennis plays powerful driving rhythms and stinging licks on the dobro and guitar like a train delivering his spontaneous poetic riffing on the exciting cultural and political action around us.

Dennis Gronim;


John Munnelly is a cross between the Beatles and a folk singer with a punk rock ethic... only joking... about the Beatles that is ... John is compared to Squeeze, Sting, They Might be Giants/Talking Heads/Beatles/Irish-Brit Pop/Johnny Flynn and even Barry White on some of his Piano pieces. Sounds like - Sting/Mix a blue collar working man's perspective a la Woody Gutherie, Lennon & Punk Celtic Poet

11:00 am - 11:30 am - Basement, Club Room

Laugh John Laugh


Satirical songster Dave Lippman brings along the Bard of the Bankers, Wild Bill Bailout, in a Fairly Unbalanced program of rhyming commentary. Current victims of his parody and thrust include climate change, Uprisings in the Mideast and Midwest, Money vs. Speech, and of course fracking. Get ready for high-end pop rewrites and some very wise cracks.

12:00 - 12:30 pm - Gold Room, 6th floor

Dave Lippman


I'm a freedom singer from the south Bronx now residing in Brooklyn
Founder of autonomous collective movement in motion and xspiritmental hip hop band mental notes
Toured international for over a decade
Extreme love, passion and strength for the people who resist oppression amongst other isms.

4:30 pm - 5:00 pm - Basement, Club Room



Anya Skidan

Anya Skidan is a Brooklyn-based psyche-folk/rock indie artist and a poet. A trained classical pianist from age 6, Skidan also plays guitar and ukulele. Her music is best described as a cross between psychedelic folk, rock and indie blues. After graduating from Baruch College in 2010 with the degree in creative writing, Skidan started writing and performing her own compositions and tour full time, playing both solo and with her band. Having lived in different parts of the world, she has been influenced by a vast variety of music from psychedelic rock, folk, Tropicalia to classics such as Neil Young, Grateful Dead, Joni Mitchell, and Syd Barrett.

2:30 pm - 3:15 pm - Basement, Club Room


The Occuponics is a musical collaboration founded in the energy, experience and values of the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement. Anchored by Stephen Carl Baldwin on guitar and vocals and Paul Stein on accordion and vocals, The Occuponics is inclusive, eclectic, and participatory.


Steve Baldwin / Occuponics

view more about Stephen C Baldwin

New York

RARA- Originating in Haiti, Rara is a unique form of Festival music used for street processions. The music centers on a set of metal trumpets called Kone or Klwewon which are made from recycled metal, but also features various drums, shakers, graj( a scraped instrument) and other percussions. The Kones perform harmonic rhythms. The songs and melodies and text are also central to the Rara and are typically of deep spiritual, cultural and/or socio-political meaning

Raram De New York was inspired by Raram's musician's migration to United States after Haiti was hit by the devastating earthquake January 10th 2010. Their popularity in Haiti from hits single such as; “Gaye Paye “ “Ouve Le Ko” made waves in Haiti in propelled Rara music onto the scenes. They were quickly labeled as one of the top bands in Haiti. While many would become complacent with their success. After entering USA they have made it their mission to continue to preserve and promote rara music to various ethnicity in the USA. Raram De New York has proven that they are more than meets the eye;their evolution in sound and style has exceeded expectations. Their contagious grooves and unifying vibes continue to draw increasingly larger crowds from different ethnicities.

5:00 pm - Performance Parade - Outside

Other Performances

The Occupy the Empire Tour Plays

The tour is a series of theatre and dance pieces that all reinforce the themes of OWS movement. The plays being presented at thise event are about resistance to corporate control of the food systme and to miliatrism in the form of planninf for nuclear war. The Occupy the Empire tour celebrates the men and women who have stood up against the tide and offered nonviolent civil disobediance to current US policy.;

Dan Kinch

A Clown, A Hammer, A Bomb and God is based ona rue story of an activist priest anemd Carl Kabat. On Good Friday 1994 (which fell on April Fool's Day), Kabat dressed ina clown suit and broke into a Minuteman III missile base in North Dakota, Part sermon, part nightclub act, teh paly deals with the continuing presence of nuclear weapons in our lives.

Dan Kinch (Playwright, Performer: A Clown, A Hammer, A Bomb and God) has been an activist and playwright for over 20 years. His play A Clown, A Hammer, A Bomb and God premiered at the 1997 NY Fringe Festival and toured Europe in 1999. His play, A Good Day 2 Pie, has been performed many times since its premiere in 1999, and has had productions for such diverse organizations as Gilda's Room (a meeting space for cancer survivors) and Drew University's Regreening the Church event in 2001. His play, How to Stop the Empire While Keeping Your Day Job, has been performed a number of times since its recent debut at an Occupy Brooklyn protest, and has been circulated to Occupy movements throughout the United States.

11:30 am - 12:15 pm - Basement, Club Room


Kathleen Stansell

A Good Day 2 Pie is a one-woman show about the Biotic Baking Brigade (BBB), the San Francisco-based anarchist group which has targeted politicians and business leaders for ‘pieing’ by activists. The is play, written by Dan Kinch, is being performed as part of The Occupy the Empire Tour.  

Kathleen Stansell (Performer, A GOOD DAY 2 PIE) originally a southern gal, graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi with an Honors degree in Performance and Choreography and many acting and leadership experiences. She currently teaches various forms of dance to young students and special needs adults in Brooklyn, NY. When Kathleen is not teaching, she is rehearsing dances for other choreographers in New York or working on her own projects. She is the artistic director of Move for Change, a movement collective whom brings awareness to social issues to its' audience.

1:45 pm - 2:30 pm, Basement , Club Room


New York Samba School's Children Ensemble consists of children 11-13, who perform three short choreographies: a samba from Rio de Janeiro, a samba from Bahi, and a choreography mixing elements of the two previous dance styles, including capoeira movements and the children's own ethnic dance vocabulary. The Portuguese title of their performance, Na Mixtura, can be translated either as "In the Mix" or "In the Melting Pot".

2:30 pm - 3:00 - Gold Room, 6th floor

New York Samba School's Children Ensemble


The Lone Wolf Tribe
Lone Wolf Tribe is an intrepid and socially conscious puppet theatre led by Kevin Augustine.  Partnering  with Veteran's for Peace and Brooklyn for Peace, Lone Wolf Tribe presents the latest installment in their ongoing street theatre series showcasing the costs of war. First seen on the streets of Ft. Green in a roving piece highlighting the epidemic of veteran suicides, the Tribe will next share a soulful clown pantomime linking the familiar warning labels of the tobacco industry with the recruitment of soldiers. view "Puppeteers Bring Home the Real Costs of War"

Outside, Inside throughout the day

Kevin Augustine, Lone Wolf Tribe


People Power Plays a group of bright, spright,enthusiastic youngsters, will present its very first productin: a fresh and lively interpretation fo Dr. Seuss' The Lorax! Kids care about their world!

3:30 pm - 4:15 pm - Basement, Club Room

The Lorax  

Students of the Brooklyn College Community Partnership (BCCP) and various other future laureates of peace will share their poetic thoughts on "Ending War, Promoting Peace" in a poetry jam.

12:00 noon - 12:30pm - Basement, Media Room

Poetry Jam  


Hip Hop is Our Life, Hip Hop is Resistance
SpiritChild movement in motion collective
Media Room, Basement

One Mic
Performances (within workshop presentation)
Autonomous Cipher (freestyle session)
Group Design (the shared creation - collective project).;;

3: 00 pm - 4:30 pm, Basement, Media Room

Workshop purpose: To express the importance of hip hop (art) in today's movement, to re-imagine; to create; to reflect, inspire and ignite

Includes Hip Hop 101: discussion on the elements fo hip hop and the importance of preserving this culture of resistance; local to global connections with social struggles of black and brown movements for libertain. we als make connections to current youth work with alternative-to-incarceration programs thorughout NYC.

Also includes performances by Creation/Activities, Autonomous Cipher (freestlye session), and Group Design (the shared creation- collective project);


The Peace Forest: Peace Trees - The individual Peace Trees that make up the Peace Forest were created by different schools and communities around Brooklyn. This exhibits celebrates unity in diversity and the inspiring vision fo peace for future generations.

There will be an interactive peace tree exhibit at the peace fair. We ask you to add your vision of peace to our communal tree.

"All We Are Saying....".: Artwork from the students of Urban Assembly of Government and Law. These student worked in groups to create a pieces of artwork based on a social or political issue or a oncept that they felt strongly or they felt was universal. They collaborated to develop symbols to express how they felt about the issues they chose.

Description and the names of the students who worked on them

Violence: This painting depicts the Earth from a distance with a sword running across the middle of it. At the tip of the sword is a drop of blood.

Chastidy Mejia

Inessa Hulka

Illys Lamarque

Chasity Sariol

Victor Filpo

Kathie Duran

Kimberly Bellido

Violence: This painting depicts a volcano (negative psychic energy) that is eating the world.

Karina Gonzalez

Shyra Hodge

Niari Riley

Brian Pabey

John Alvarez

Chris Lazcano

The media’s hold on people’s minds: This painting depicts a pair of hands over an orb, like a crystal ball, that glows like a t.v. set.

Joscally Ramos

Richard Charles

Joel Sanchez

Brian PabeySidasia Johnson

Death and rebirth: This painting depicts a phoenix in flames.

Mellica Dixon

Imran Shishir

Jorge Rosario

Marcos Melenciano

Dominick Maximilien

Jennifer Blanco

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Email: or call 718–624–5921.