NSA Listening Party! – Arts & Culture’s First CD!

That’s right! Arts & Culture recently release a compilation CD! NSA Listening Party! An art in the community project presented by Charity Case and Brooklyn For Peace.

1.nsa_COVER_440 This album was inspired by the Edward Snowden leaks. It features 14 wonderful artists, 12 who are based right here in Brooklyn.

The concept of the CD is around the idea that the NSA was or at least could be listening, so why not give them something to listen to. Let’s make it a party! Are they monitoring…our conversations, communications, locations, gyrations and good vibrations? Then turn up the monitor!!!!!

If you don’t have a copy, you need to get this Limited Edition now. There are a few ways you can do this.

Become a member of Brooklyn For Peace at the $30 level we will send you a copy or

Email us and for a small donation (suggested $2-5), we will send one to you. (In instructions to merchant box, indicate that this donation is for the CD). Click here to donate.

All proceeds support the peace and justice work of Brooklyn For Peace.

Featuring songs from:

charity case

(ft. moki marz)                chee malabar                 dave lippman

gio safari                           hollands                          irka mateo

joe phillips experience project      john munnelly         raram de ny

raya brass band               skidan                              spiritchild

veronica nunn                  zap zap 4 ever

with 3 new music videos from
Charity Case:

we don’t want to live (in a surveillance state)
the only one