Antigone in Ferguson

Post: May 27, 2019

Theater Of War Productions and Brooklyn Public Library has announced an extended 10 week run of FREE performances of Theater of War original project Antigone in Ferguson, a performance of Sophocles’  Antigone, new version by Bryan Doerries. Read more about the two-year partnership.

Rance Blaylock

This innovative project combines dramatic readings with live choral music. An audience-driven discussion of race and gender-based violence and social justice.

Translated, Directed, and Facilitated by BRYAN DOERRIES.
Music composed and conducted by PHIL WOODMORE

Antigone in Ferguson opened on Wednesday, May 8 and continues through Saturday, July 13, 2019 at St. Ann & the Holy Trinity Church in Brooklyn (157 Montague St.).


TO RESERVE SEATS, GO HERE: OR CALL: (917) 426-3233. For all inquiries, including accessibility accommodations, you can also email