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Arts & Culture Committee

11/20, FRI: Amy Goodman & Friends Celebrate Joe Hill!

Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! will lead a group of musicians and actors in a rousing evening of performance to honor the great labor radical and songwriter Joe Hill.

WHERE: The New School’s John L. Tishman Auditorium, 63 Fifth Ave, NYC
WHEN: Fri 11/20, 7:00 pm
Admission Free but Ticket Required! Click here for Free Tickets
Presented by Haymarket Books and The New School.
Co-sponsored by Brooklyn For Peace, New York State Nurses Association, Legal Services Staff Association 2320, Teaching for Change, Zinn Education Project, Brandworkers Association, and others.

Hey, Can You Get Happy For Peace?

Join Brooklyn For Peace for our first Happy Hour get together for Peace!

Come out, invite your friends…..

Enjoy conversation, drinks, and free pizza as we get to know the people in our community AND and get happy for Peace.

There will also be free copies of the Arts & Culture Committee CD NSA Listening Party.

WHERE: Brazen Head, 288 Atlantic Ave. Brooklyn (downtown Brooklyn between Court and Boerum Place)
WHEN: Tuesday, October 20, 6 to 8 pm

Click flyer for larger version to download.

Hosted by Brazen Head

Sponsored by Arts and Culture Committee


WEB of Life peace campaign – Nuclear Zero

Nuclear_disarmament_Brooke1 copy

Thanks to all artists who participated in our

WEB of Life
peace campaign –
Nuclear Zero

a campaign for
Nuclear Disarmament

We loved spending the summer
reading, listening, watching, gazing, etc.
with all of your wonderful work.



‘The United States Doesn’t Love You’
video & song by charity case

is our last work for this campaign.


See all submissions her on the
Arts & Culture page,
music by Tinta Clara
music by Sharleen Leahey
music by Mississippi Cotten
paintings by Regina Silvers
poems by Pam McAllister
photo by Matt Weinstein
oil on wood by Tomas Cox
poetry by Chris Butters
music & video by Charity Case
top image by Brooke McGowen

poetry by Chris Butters – (WEB of Life peace campaign – Nuclear Zero)

Thanks to Chris Butters for submitting the below image of his poem

The Sacred Cow

as part of our WEB of Live peace campaign – Nuclear Zero

for artwork about Nuclear Disarmament.


where will the money come from,
people say

as we spend billions
on B- 2 bombers

and homeless shelters here
burst at the seams

fourteen are killed
in Afghanistan
in a bombing raid

that is where the money
will come from

I say

the pentagon is like a sacred cow
that wanders the streets
blocking traffic
no one stops because it is sacred

bombing Iraq
because it is a threat to profits
bombing Libya
because it is in the way

but the worst thing is
people lose the ability
to even


how strange
it is

invading countries
our ghettoes explode

bombing countries
because it has
always been this way

and you don’t question
a sacred cow

the sacred cow
of national security

a security
that is hollow
as bridges

a way of doing things
whose time has passed

like the sacred cows
as people starve
and cows
block traffic

though the cow
must be dazzling
walking the streets
of Benares

robed in flowers
of red and purple
and a coat
of forest green

like boys in uniforms
marching off to war

in the name

of beautiful-sounding causes
like the statue of liberty
and the American way
and the war to end all wars

people die in that rain
of bombs and bullets
bought with the spigot
of our tax dollars

countries pillaged
lives countless untold
down the drain

but it is
the sacred cow
that is killing


graphics by Tom Keough – (WEB of Life peace campaign – Nuclear Zero)

TRIGGER WARNING: Graphic images of victims of atomic bomb.

Thanks to Tom Keough for submitting
a poster from a series called

Never Again! again

as part of our

WEB of Life
peace campaign –
Nuclear Zero

a campaign for
Nuclear Disarmament

z hiroshima baby

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